How can you become a cladding installation apprentice? - Australian Cladding Specialists
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How can you become a cladding installation apprentice?

As one of Australia’s leading façade cladding installers, we know that now’s a great time to enter the construction industry and that the best way to do that is through an Apprenticeship. With Sydney experiencing a building boom, construction companies like ours are trying to attract more and more apprentices to join their teams. If you are considering entering the construction industry as an apprentice, here’s what you should expect from an employer:


We are in an enviable industry that gives us the opportunity to work outdoors and as part of a team on a variety of different projects. Although on-site construction can be physically demanding and the early starts challenging, if you make a commitment as an apprentice to work hard then you will be rewarded with a career and lifestyle that is worth the initial phase of adapting to construction work.


Showing initiative is welcomed at ACS. Ideally, we like you to ask questions during your training so that you can quickly come up to speed and work more efficiently, which helps with the overall completion of a building project.


As with any job, good communication on site is essential. At ACS, we guarantee to listen, observe and communicate clearly with our apprentices to ensure that they become the best installers that they can be for the benefit of us and ultimately our clients. 

Health and fitness

It is a common misconception that you need to be a gym junkie to work in construction but that’s not a requirement at ACS. However, we encourage our apprentices to look after their physical health in order to prevent injuries.


Safety for staff is our number one priority and should be for all employers. At ACS, we ensure a safe workplace and have all the appropriate procedures in place for all of our employees. We ensure that our apprentices are constantly trained in all areas of safety such as: operating tools correctly, wearing personal protective equipment and manual handling.


Just like any employer, we look for good teamwork skills from our apprentices. Being a team player increases productivity which is good for business. We work hard to promote a team atmosphere at ACS and are committed to maintaining good relations amongst our workers as well as with our clients. We achieve this by being open and approachable and showing respect at all times.

If we sound like the sort of employer you would like to start an apprenticeship with, please send you details to: